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The Venture Out Podcast has one mission, and one mission only, to inspire people to step outside of self-induced comfort zones by encouraging them to break patterns or habits that lead to a stagnant lifestyle. To no longer live lives of quiet desperation, but to live deliberately, as Henry David Thoreau stated. Embracing a mantra to seek out what we might find uncomfortable, and from such explorations, find growth within ourselves and conquer fears both real and imagined. Please join Tucker and his guests as we discuss and explore what it truly means to step outside of one’s comfort zone, into new territories, and uncharted waters as we seek positive changes in our daily lives or personal self, and reach for the better nature of ourselves. . . as we Venture Out.


Leading by example, Tucker will also explore those places which have forced him into uncomfortable situations or darker places starting with his own adventure on the Discovery Channel’s show Darkness. This will also be his own journey of self-discovery to place himself in situations whereby he, too, can “embrace the suck” and find growth. After all, a snake who does not shed his skin will never grow.  Such a metaphor is all too real and accurate in understanding that in order to obtain change, we must forcefully, of our own accord, seek change by performing feats big and small that cause the changes we seek.

Coming Soon . . . 

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