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Life at the Ranch

This my daily life now when not traveling… We started our journey away from big city life 6 years ago in early 2012. We live in the true gateway to the west with the deep heartland of central Texas. Ours is not a huge ranch of my youth but it is our little slice of silent heaven. You can follow me and my family of the T5 ranch as we work cattle, perform all manner of needs for our Texas wildlife management, and work toward being good stewards as we work hard to leave this land and homestead better than we found it.

I was born out in Palo Pinto County and spent much of my youth on the Kimberlin Ranch below Possum Kingdom Lake where my grandfather was a ranch foreman - where the first real cattle drives were launched in this area by men like Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving. I knew growing up that in my youth I had stepped on the same soil where other great men and adventurers who dared to dream visions others would run from.

I am a proud fourth generation Texan and am honored to work the land, raise cattle, and learn from other old hands and ranchers in this area who still have much to teach. I am just one man, but will do all of the work I can from this place for as long as I can – thank the gods for modern machinery! So, come pull up a chair at our table and join us on the T5 for our exploits, successes and failures. This outta be fun if nothing else.

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