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It is my firm belief that “there is no higher calling in life than to be of service.” This has been the path of my entire existence since an early age – and it is a lesson shown, and taught to me by my late father. At an early age, I shadowed every track of his I could, following in his steps and seeking his example to both be a good and honorable man as well as to offer service. This dedication to serve followed a traumatic life-altering event, which happened at the tender age of six. This is why I still offer service to this day. I want to share this powerful story with you and your group. I want to empower those around you to heal, to explore, and to seek out the better nature of ourselves.


My father was a fireman, from the impact of his service in my youth I decided to follow his chosen profession. I, too, sought out a way to serve those around me in my community of Ft. Worth, Texas and beyond. I served both on- and off-duty wherever fate or life allowed me to do so. The rewards from my own offering of service have paid me in dividends not defined in mere dollars or monetary gains. The rewards have come in the forms of personal growth, friendships, relationships, networks, success. . .  to name a few. . . and over time, a fuller expansion of how service should be defined.


There are many facets in defining what it means to serve – I offer up more than Webster’s Dictionary as to how we can explain and act within the confines of service to others. My practice has become a ritual to teach and show what service can be and how it will lift you up in daily life - this my offering to you. I draw from experience within the trenches of my professional career, in which I have held a myriad of positions as a civil servant. But, never more so has my definition of service expanded, than outside that in my interactions with those who have called on me for guidance, advice, an ear to listen -  or as I challenge a room filled with people to understand what service “is” and how it will positively impact their lives.


I challenge you to see the gauntlet, as I place it down at your feet, to pick it up of your own accord as you accept my challenge, to seek out “service” to others. I encourage you to know such wonderful gifts of fulfillment – such gifts will reveal themselves in tangible ways, and in forms of internal self-growth. There is nothing mystical here, nothing metaphysical, it is merely recognizing that a life lived (with even marginal offerings of service to others) can be life-altering – and will allow you to be motivated to serve others more. “Service” is infectious; it will empower you; it will allow you physical and spiritual growth, and from such you can improve much of your life and the lives of those around you. It is, after all, why we exist on this small blue ball we call Earth – to offer service to one another. That lesson has been ignored, lost, cast aside, and buried. It is now time to resurrect its definition and explore your dedication to serve.



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