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I book all my own engagements to speak – Yes, I do have assistants who help me but I like to personally receive these contacts, to discuss your guest speaker needs and audience.  So Please contact me at the information below.


You may contact me personally via my cell 817-944-5763 or my email…

Jeff Tucker or “Tucker”, to those who come to know him, has an ability to convey a powerful message to a variety of groups, this one of his greatest strengths. He is a natural, articulate, storyteller and teaches from his own personal experiences; which endears audiences to him. He is straightforward and truthful, sometimes brutally honest, but always humble in his message of how a life of “service” forever changed him. He is genuine, the real deal, and a straight shooter. He will challenge you to seek service in your life no matter what your station in life – and change how you approach your desires and goals.


The last eleven years Tucker has spent teaching a global seminar, which he developed for CrossFit Inc. branded the CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar with Coach Jeff Tucker. He has personally taught over 350,000 fitness enthusiasts, in group settings and millions more via his web site and social media platforms - along with those articles and videos found in the CrossFit Journal, which features Coach Tucker regularly.


Jeff R. Tucker holds degrees in Philosophy and History. He has spent many years training in his chosen profession as a firefighter, as well as emergency medical treatment, first responder, police officer, EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit), arson investigation, crime scene investigation, FBI Bomb School, ATF Arson School, small and large arms training, hand-to-hand combat, boxing, grappling, and holds a vast number of certificates for his chosen fields from both State and Federal agencies.

I have been called upon to be a guest lecturer for many occasions and on many a subject. It is always my honor to convey a message on a series of subject matters such as hope, honor, skill, and fitness, but none more-so than that of “service” and what it means to be of service to others – all men and women. For me, there is no higher calling in life, then to serve others – and this service can take many forms, over a myriad of stations in life, and a vast calling of personal passions we all choose. But no matter what station or path you have chosen, “service” is no doubt the preverbal matter which binds us all. To serve offers us all gifts to accept once we give of ourselves freely and without fear or trepidation.


I have traveled this globe of ours several times over the last ten years in my own seminar and taught how service can forever change your life, strengthen your company, or set you on a path toward personal success. It has been my extreme privilege to speak and discuss how service comes to shape us all. It is my passion to do so – but moreso my honor. 


I have voluntarily given my time to be trained in many professional fields as a civil servant. I have gladly worked in the trenches of humanity in past professions serving my fellow man as a fireman, policeman, bomb technician, arson investigator, medic, coach, teacher, and most importantly, a simple man. To know service is to know oneself more fully – to give of one’s time in the betterment of those around us is “the calling” we should all embrace and aspire too.


If I can be of service to you or your group in any lecture format or team building, please reach out to me and we can discuss how I might come to serve you. I can gladly supply references and testimonies of my past engagements if needed.




 Jeff  R  Tucker

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